Our Philosophy


We’re noted for cultivating and maintaining good working relationships with clients.

Brand Statement

Our practice is rooted in balance. We help our clients create spaces and human experiences that interconnect design, performance, vision, and the unique and diverse elements of life in the North.


Improving our communities is the core of what we do. Bettisworth North designs experiences in every single project we create, and we remain cognizant of the long-term impacts our work has on our clients and the communities in which we live. The importance of community also speaks to the reason why our clients want to work with us: the uniqueness of our business model, and history in Alaska. At the end of the day, improving the communities we call home and contributing to their growth and development is a part of who we are.

Alaska Spirit

Alaskans have a reputation for individualism, heartiness, camaraderie, and community – all of which we think are apt descriptions of the Bettisworth North team and your projects. But on an even more facile level, we are very aware of where we are and the specific areas in which we build, paying attention to the people, the land, and the environment of this place. That spirit shines through in the completed projects that result from our hard work and attention to detail.


Whether it is balancing a project with the environment, or creating a balanced workspace that is intentionally designed to meet specific needs, balance is a paramount part of the process. It also drives how we work – generating feedback, ideas, and inspiration from a variety of sources to create spaces that truly meet our client’s needs.

Holistic Vision

From a philosophical perspective, “holistic” represents a consciousness of how all the parts of a whole work together in tandem. Holistic vision best describes the approach the Bettisworth North team takes: paying great attention to the detailed aspects of each project, while still maintaining a 50,000-foot view of how everything will function as a single unit.

Genuine Partners

Bettisworth North is here to stay. We don’t design projects and then leave – we create buildings for the long-term, and as an Alaskan company, come alongside our clients to design solutions that will serve them well into the future. That is a unique kind of relationship that sets us apart from other firms in this state.


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