Our Process


A project cannot be successful without
understanding the fundamental nature of
the project vision, mission, and program.

The relationship between these components uniquely defines each project, and this approach produces appropriate solutions to meet immediate and future client visions and user needs.

We cultivate excellent relationships. We collaborate with our team and our clients, stakeholders, subconsultants, and construction contractors. Our reputation of inclusive design is founded on a philosophy of professional service, creating an eagerness to explore creative options. Clients and users are partners on the planning and design team. Our design process that explores the full range of possible solutions and is thorough in its evaluations.

Sustainable, responsive, resilient design is also a core value. Bettisworth North has assumed a leadership role in bringing environmentally-conscious design to Alaska.

Our work balances the human and natural worlds through design.

Step 1: Visioning – Future Planning
  • Creation of project goals & design drivers – sets the foundation of which the design solution is based
  • Image and Character are described by client, user, public voices
  • Scope, Budget and Schedule are explored, communication protocols are established
  • “What if…?” is asked
  • Developed through conversations, listening and learning
Step 2: Investigation – Data Gathering
  • Development of Program of Spaces, Needs verses Wants, Hopes and Fears, Opportunities and Challenges
  • Existing conditions are evaluated and documented, including thorough site analysis
  • Relationship Diagrams are created to confirm adjacencies, flow of operations and experiences
  • Scope, Budget and Schedule are confirmed
  • Life cycle costing, energy use goals and operational budget considerations
  • Decision process is created, with decision makers and direction givers verses advisors and public outreach
Step 3: Discovery – Planning and Design
  • Options are explored, tested and evaluated against project goals and budget, cost and schedule constraints
  • No surprises! Through our process, we study the solution, as we develop 2D, 3D and virtual studies to share with our client partners and receive their valuable feedback
  • Each project presents a unique set of opportunities
  • We closely study connectivity to the land, sun and seasons as well as the culture
Step 4: Development
  • Documentation meeting contractual agreement
  • Value engineering and Design To Budget is facilitated, including the option of including Additive Alternates
  • Review meetings and design coordination communications throughout the process to keep client and design team coordinated
  • Clear deliverables, presentations and outreach to assist clients with funding and community support
Step 5: Construction Administration
Step 6: Post-Occupancy Assessment
  • Energy use and operations audit
  • Survey and interviews with users
  • Review of buildings systems, finishes and maintenance
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