Resources for Achieving Energy Efficiency: Celebrating World Environment Day Year-Round

Celebrating World Environment Day Year-Round


Energy Efficiency.

Energy efficiency is top-of-mind for virtually every building owner or project manager we work with. Alaska’s harsh weather conditions, coupled with supply issues and remote locations, make optimizing a facility’s energy use both challenging and mandatory.

Reduced energy use not only lowers operational costs, it also directly and positively impacts greenhouse gas emissions. This is a key component of World Environment Day, which seeks to halt climate change “through collective, transformative action” and is observed globally this year on June 5. We aspire to celebrate World Environment Day year-round.

As our team integrates LEED, WELL, green building, and other sustainable design practices, we typically begin with energy efficiency. There are many tools we rely on to stay ahead of the requirements, codes, regulations, and emerging technologies and trends that shape our design of energy-efficient facilities.

Below are a few resources we’ve found particularly helpful.

Let us know if you have resources to add to this list. And feel free to reach out to us if you have questions or want to chat about specific energy efficiency or other sustainable design issues. Happy World Environment Day!

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